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About Us - has provided excellent service to customers for decades. During this time , we became experts in furniture industry. SofasShopping offers all lines of Leather and Upholstery from leading manufacturers. Many of the sofas are exclusive only to us. Being a direct importer from Europe and Asia we also offer wholesale prices on many of the Sofas. Every year we progress with innovative ideas to create faster shipping times, greater selection and best customer support.

Why buy from us?
Advises and Inside Secrets from Furniture Experts!

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Be careful when selecting who you dealing with!
Today, if you don't know, drop shipping became very popular. Many online, home based companies that never seen or dealt with furniture and know nothing about it, start selling it. Most of the times those people don't know what they sell. Product can be of bad quality, unreliable, uncomfortable, etc.

So, why buy from us?!
We've been in furniture business 15 years.
We also own and and operate furniture stores in San Francisco Bay Area. We love furniture.
We know which manufactures to deal with, which offer good quality, and which to stay away from.

Daly City, CA Warehouse

We know the product, how it looks, the quality, the feel.
And we are more than happy to recommend and guide you through the selection process.
Unlike many of online furniture stores that do drop shipping without ever seeing what they sell.

We carefully select only the best for our customers.
We do not just sell ten thousand sofas like other retailers.
Every year our sales team attends various furniture shows throughout the country
where they check all the products to select only the best for the customer.

We offer lowest prices, period.
Many companies state that they can bit or match competitor prices.
Why state so?!, if you can offer lowest in a first place!

We offer excellent rate of safe shipping
Many drop shippers and companies offer you direct manufacture shipping. There is a high chance that furniture will get damaged during such transportation. Most of the furniture we sell goes through our own warehouse where it is carefully checked and extra packed if needed. We care about you, and we don't want to waste your time dealing with damaged furniture.